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Are YOU on it? It’s bad enough that people have found themselves victims of sweetheart scams scams where the con artist pretends to be in persuit of a relationship when it is only a way to get your money but to make matters worse, they then find themselves on “The List”. What is the list, and who is on it? Once you have sent ANY of these con artists money, instead of them running away laughing counting their money, the victim goes on “The List”. The list contains the names, phone numbers, and dating accounts, myspace profiles etc. You would think they would believe that once a person has been scammed they would be harder to scam in the future, but these scammers have proven that theory WRONG.

Spear And Jackson Hand Saw – Cockerill – No. 99

January 30, – Our newest DVD review covers Lemon , an indie comedy starring Brett Gelman who co-wrote the film with his partner, director Janciza Bravo playing a pretentious acting teacher whose life falls apart after his girlfriend of ten years Judy Greer leaves him. Set in s London, the film sees a perfectionist dressmaker Day-Lewis welcome into his life a waitress Vicky Krieps who becomes his muse. This rich romantic drama surprised many with its haul of Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Director, and Actor.

But it shouldn’t have been a surprise, because this is one of ‘s best films. December 22, – In theaters today, Academy Award-winning writer-director Alexander Payne The Descendants, Nebraska gives us Downsizing , a strange film that begins as a comedy about a Omaha man Matt Damon shrinking down to a few inches and evolves into something else entirely different.

Jan 19,  · Top Chuck Norris Facts The full list is just too long to post in its entirety. But here is a taste of it, and a nudge in the right direction to read the rest of : Prophet or Madman.

The stated purpose of the trip was to look for copper light fixtures for the house. This was a thinly disugised tool hunting trip. No luck with the copper light fixtures, but I did come home with a new plane. Actually, an old plane. I picked up this Stanley 8 expecting to find some fatal flaw in it. The more I looked at it, the more I realized how well this tool has survived the years.

The biggest issue I saw with the plane was that someone had painted everything but the knob and tote black.

EIS: F-35 has a maximum loudness that is more than 4 times louder than maximum loudness of the F-16

Dane Wigington He said: There is a mountain of hard science data and film footage to back up this statement of fact. We are all currently being subjected to these ongoing tests. Illuminati blasting us with ‘happy drugs and viruses t The official definition is that when the air a jet flies through is cold enough around C or colder , the air and exhaust fuel will instantly freeze and spread out into the clouds that are seen.

One of the main pieces of evidence the conspiracists claim is that historically normal contrails used to dissipate in a few seconds, or minutes, but the new chemtrails last much longer.

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We also love it when the showroom has a bunch of people from different walks of life and sometimes even different continents chatting about woodworking, sometimes giving advice or admiring pictures of each other’s projects. So we decided to set aside a bit of time every Friday afternoon to get together. The idea is to hang out, have some snacks, and learn more about some aspects of woodworking. The structure of the Woodworkers’ Hangout will evolve depending upon the interests of people who show up, and we have some different ideas for future weeks for example, playing with different kinds of finishes.

But right now we’re taking out some interesting antique items. Last week we put on the white gloves and looked at a first edition of Joseph Moxon’s Mechanick Exercises. This Friday, it’s hands-on with some really old English mitre planes. The picture above shows the planes I will be bringing in. The oldest on the left is from the mid 18th century.

I am not sure if it is usable, but this plane and the one next to it – a Gabriel mitre plane circa – are two of the oldest metal planes in existence.

Pilot killed in Oxfordshire plane crash is named as David Norris

Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Unrelenting weather conditions brought on by Storm Callum has made flying in and out of the country a very risky business.

Extreme crosswinds over the weekend battered the South West causing terrifying scenes at Bristol Airport as planes came in to land. Dozens of clips emerged from plane spotters who captured the dicey landing attempts with many crews abandoning landing just metres above the runway. A truly hair-raising experience for any passenger. Terrifying footage shows planes abandon landing at Bristol Airport due to Storm Callum Hovering above the runway the plane struggles to stay in control However, in one video a daring pilot who managed an expert landing on the Bristol runway with their Boeing is shown defying the crosswinds that try and push it off track.

Jan 13,  · · Chuck Norris once shot down a German fighter plane with his finger, by yelling, “Bang!” · Chuck Norris once bet NASA he could survive re-entry without a spacesuit. On July 19th, , a naked Chuck Norris re-entered the earth’s atmosphere, streaking over 14 states and reaching a temperature of degrees.

What ever happened to the women Jerry Seinfeld dated on the show? While Amy was popular with viewers, she was less popular, it seemed, with the forever hard-to-please Jerry. Their relationship ended almost as quickly as it began. You might have that feeling you recognize Anna from somewhere before. A toothbrush in the toilet bowl incident was the funeral knell for this couple. But, we digress, flame-haired beauty Marcia made an appearance as Sara, a doctor whom Jerry dates in season nine.

Their break up is one of the shows most wonderfully awkward moments. Cross went on to win the lead role in Melrose Place, and, later in her career, also starred in the aforementioned Desperate Housewives, alongside Teri Hatcher. Melinda McGraw as Angela Angela had Jerry right under her thumb and was a powerful indicator of his shallowness. He went to confront her but decided against it because of her looks.

Since Seinfeld, she has enjoyed a successful career in film and TV.

History of Antique Wood Planes

Does anyone know of any sources of info on how to date. This is an early model Spiers dovetailed infill hand plane , possibly even a custom order. It has the trademark early features – low two-piece front bun and. Without going through a full type study , in general, the earliest of the coffin. I, too, have a strong interest obsession?

The Classic STANLEY No. 4 Sweetheart™ Smoothing Bench Plane is made from extra thick, 1/8 in. A2 steel for excellent edge retention, with a one-piece base and frog. Norris-type adjuster with lateral locking feature, and adjustable throat plate. Shop now.

Even former politicians in the UK are beginning to express concerns. Millions believe the chemtrail theory is true Dane Wigington, a solar energy expert and former employee of Bechtel Power Corp, now runs Geoengineeringwatch. He investigated why solar panels at his home lost power as aircraft contrails formed in the sky.

According to Mr Wigington, the contrails, or chemtrails, we see forming behind aircraft most days are carrying out geoengineering. An introduction to the subject on his website states: But where there are conspiracy theorists, there are conspiracy debunkers. As much effort has been put into website Contrailscience.

The official definition is that when the air a jet flies through is cold enough around C or colder , the air and exhaust fuel will instantly freeze and spread out into the clouds that are seen. One of the main pieces of evidence the conspiracists claim is that historically normal contrails used to dissipate in a few seconds, or minutes, but the new chemtrails last much longer.

Fresh Shavings

Restoration of a Disston No. Norris There I was innocently walking through a resell shop looking for a bird bath. So, I picked up the little fella, paid my adoption fee, and brought him home to meet his new big brothers. I gave her all I had, a measly 5 bucks. This my first x-cut sharpening and just wanted to say thanks to Bob Page for his advice and encouragement.

Also, to Michael Hagemyer for his tip on removing the paint from the handle.

Jun 21,  · Fans of Norris McWhirter, the late co-author of the Guinness Book of Records, couldn’t believe their ears when they heard Alan Davies, the comedian, .

That was the case when Chuck felt the need to retire. In fact, for the many early years of his life, he was known as Carlos Ray Norris. Air Force as a young adult. Chuck acted as a father figure for his two younger brothers. As a child, he had other dreams. He wanted to be a police officer. Therefore, when he joined the military, he joined the ranks of the Air Force police.

No one could have expected what would come out of his service. Chuck eventually fell in love with teaching and decided to make that his career.

Driving the Irish Loop in Newfoundland

In both British and Continental woodworking, however, these planes have a long history, with infilled metal miters dating back well over years. While there is much debate as to what their original purpose might have been, there are two points that are quite clear. First — that these planes were used for much more than just shooting end grain, which is the limited use we tend to ascribe to miter planes today. Second — that it was the infilled miter plane that served as the inspiration and direct descendant of the infill smoothers and panel planes that developed so fully in the British Isles of the 19th century.

Revised Jun TRINDERS’ FINE TOOLS NORRIS PLANES – A GUIDE. HOME PAGE; Email us! As the basis for our guide to Norris Planes we have used a page original Norris Catalogue, apparently dating from the ‘s.

Chuck Norris can fold airplanes into paper. On landing, the pilot says, “Remember, this plane can only fly with two hunters, one pilot, and ONE bear. So the pilot says, “I told you ONE bear! After long discussion centering on the impossibility of the thing and the disgraceful degree of inflation, the pilot takes rubles and with much pushing and shoving the hunters get aboard with the two bears.

After struggling into the air and fitfully flying for about two hours, the plane gives up and plummets to the earth in a snowbank. Climbing out from under the snow and the bears, the hunters ask the pilot where he thinks they are. The pilot says, “About the same place where we crashed last year.

Hand Planes

But he was more than just a teen film director. His adult comedies were as pertinent as anything he did in the teen realm, echoing the same themes of acceptance and understanding all while bringing the funny sprinkled with moments of levity. I saw Weird Science at the Rivoli Theater in downtown Muncie, Indiana, when my parents were in court over visitation rights. These films helped me with the rough road through adolescence, showing me that insecurity, dysfunction and all of the other problems of youth were the norm, not the exception.

His partner Rin Norris described both leaders as “bullies”. Dating US Edition UK Edition. “That the plane was hit by a Russian missile has been proven to be an irrefutable fact.

On top of the world: Bonita Norris has realised her ‘crazy’ dream after becoming the youngest British female to reach the summit at the age of 22 Stakes are high: Miss Norris, from Wokingham, Berkshire, also had to fight an uphill battle with an eating disorder to get into peak condition for the 29, ft climb. Her mother, Jacqui Andrews, said: When Bonita told us back in that she wanted to climb Mount Everest, I have to admit we had reservations. She also risked frostbite, hypothermia and altitude sickness during the gruelling challenge.

Bonita began training to climb Everest five years ago at the age of 17 – she was inspired by Bear Grylls, who is the youngest Briton to have climbed the mountain Route:

Norris – the ultimate smoothing plane?

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