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Career[ edit ] Im Ki-hee began modeling in popular teen magazines when she was in junior high school. But it was a year later when she would be catapulted to stardom. In an era when Korean cinema was in a dark period resulting from severe censorship by an authoritarian government , this led to the emergence of the teenage demographic as a major consumer of pop culture. Im had an innocent, girlish image, whose acting was charming and sweet without being saccharine, and she became hugely popular among middle school and high school students; girls wanted to be like her, and boys had her picture in their pockets. Im entered college in , studying Theater and Film at Dongguk University. By this time, she wanted to transition out of teen movies, and into more adult roles. She starred opposite Shin Seong-il in Love Song in a Peanut Shell, but it was poorly received, with audiences not prepared to see her break out of her “pure” image.

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Yes, but what about the middling, and the not-so-stellar? What do they get? It was frankly hard to find something laudable for every single drama I watched really, I need to watch fewer dramas next year , and I debated pulling an MBC and splitting Daesangs twenty-plus ways. But then I decided that would be meaningless, so I dug deep, looked back on the past year in dramaland, and found something nice to say.

After succeeding in his roles as a divorced doctor in “Emergency Couple,” an industrial designer in “Fated To Love You” and a bitter older brother in “The Heirs,” Choi Jin Hyuk is preparing for.

Many actors who play second leads in the three big network dramas, are doing great job as main leads in cable channels. We as viewers are getting the best of both worlds I guess. He will play the standard variety: By the way, he stars as a genius LOL designer. I think she fills the role of the requisite second female lead who might turn into an antagonist. Fated To Love You is a Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama by the same name and tells the story of a convenient marriage when the two main leads have a one night stand and are forced to get married when our heroine gets pregnant.

Jang Hyuk plays the classic perfect chaebol who is of course hard in his outer persona but is actually a soft-hearted person from inside.

[NEWS] Emergency Couple’s Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk to make appearance at Square 2 on 15 May

Vampire in Love Kiira seems like an ordinary young girl, who likes to talk with her friends and to dress up. Her ultimate goal is to become the world’s best baker, but what differentiates her from others is that she is a vampire. She has never told anyone her secret, including her childhood friend Tetsu, whom she played with everyday and liked as a child. After her parents died when Kiira was only years-old, she had to go live with her relatives and lost contact with Tetsu. Now, 8 years later, Tetsu appears at the bakery where Kiira is working part-time.

Kiira is ecstatic to see her first love again.

Kore Dizileri Ekip Arkadaşlarını Arıyor. Sevdigin diziler hakkında tanıtım yazabilir, izlediğin bölümleri özetleyebilir, çeviri metinlerinde ekip üyelerine yardım edebilir veya ben bunu da yapabilirim diyebileceğiniz bir katılımda bulunabilirsin.. KATILMAK İÇİN TIKLAYINIZ.

I am just amazed about how many good dramas have come out lately. This has definitely made it up there in my top 10! As his spaceship is broken, he is stranded on the planet for the next four centuries. He possesses a near-perfect appearance, enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed, and a cynical, jaded view regarding human beings. In the present he works as a college professor and finds out that due to a comet coming in three months, he will be able to return to his home planet.

In the meantime he accidentally meets famous actress Cheon Song-yi Gianna Jun , the biggest Hallyu star in Korea, when she moves in next door to his luxurious apartment and also turns out to be attending his classes at college. Song-yi is an obnoxious, entitled attention seeker, someone who became a top star in her teens and never learned how to live a normal life.

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That was bound to happen. My ideas are not all lollipops and rainbows. I love a good sci-fi story, even better when it combines mystery, conspiracy intrigue, action, and this being Kdrama — Romance!

Choi Jin Hyuk. 18 mil Me gusta. Choi Jin Hyuk is a South Korean actor.

Sadly, my favourite oppa Kang Dong-won never really give me a space to write anything on him. This is the first actor-oppa to have one article only about him here in my blog. February 9, Physique: He finally got more spotlight and popularity. He is one of the three-Italian-trained-junior-chefs, I blamed No Min-woo for being too pretty, covering his charm all of those times, hahaha. I also took a peek on him singing live, well there are few missed but overall he sang the song fine.

So far, he only sings for his own dramas, lending his voice to fill soundtracks. Singing for soundtrack is more than enough for me! He has deep-heavy-masculine-husky vocal that left a strong impression for the listeners me, for example, hahaha. Enjoy the great views, pals! They took stage name to have trendier name and of course easier to pronounce and memorize. Furthermore, South Koreans believe that name also defines fate.

There are also some others who stay with their real name, for example:

Choi Jin-hyuk

Career[ edit ] Choi Mi-hyang was first discovered when she won a talent audition organized by MBC in , then made her acting debut in the drama series War and Love in Afterwards, she adopted the stage name Choi Ji-woo. She was cast in her first major role in film The Gate of Destiny, but her limited acting skills resulted in her being replaced during filming. It was her portrayals on TV of tragic heroines with a pure and innocent image—notably in Truth opposite Ryu Si-won and Beautiful Days opposite Lee Byung-hun —that boosted her rising popularity.

In , she reunited onscreen with Bae Yong-joon she previously had a supporting role in his drama First Love that she would star in her most famous, iconic role. Directed by Yoon Seok-ho as the second installment of his ” season dramas ,” [2] Winter Sonata became a phenomenal hit throughout Asia and has been credited as one of the initiators of the Korean Wave.

Jang Nara revealed she thought her ‘ The Last Empress ‘ co-star Shin Sung Rok was a jerk at first. At the press conference for SBS ‘ ‘The Last Empress’ on November 20, Jang Nara opened up about playing a married couple with Shin Sung Rok in the historical drama series, saying, “When I first saw him acting, I thought he was a bad person.

Career[ edit ] As a child Yoo Hae-jin would often slip in through the backdoor of a cultural center near his home to watch events that were being held there. After seeing a play in eighth grade, the teenager decided on acting as his future career. He begged to be sent to an arts high school, but his family was conservative and not financially capable. So in his junior year in high school, Yoo joined an acting troupe. In the beginning, he ran errands for the other actors and tried to copy what they did from a distance.

Though introverted, Yoo slowly began to learn how to act on stage. After applying twice for a Theater and Film course in college and getting rejected because of his looks, Yoo majored in Fashion Design instead.

Lee Jong-hyuk

After the first teaser video of ‘Empress of the Empress’ which was released last week and received explosive appeal, the second teaser video is attracting attention as it is released on the 7th. In the second teaser video, Jang Na Ra, Choi Jin-hyuk, Shin Sung Rok, Shin Eun-kyung, and Elijah were expressed intensely within about 35 seconds of the relationship between the main characters in the royal family. In the first place, a splendid and magnificent wedding scene appeared, and O’Shannie, who became a marriage hero, overwhelmed her eyes and shrugged and declared, “It is Emperor’s Empress Oh Sonny”.

It is a story of “You are all deceived by the emperor” and a portrait of Lee Kyeok who kisses a passing woman wearing a mask.

Seo Kang Joon is a South Korean actor and singer. Born on October 12, , as Lee Seung Hwan, he made his acting debut in the television drama “After School: Lucky or Not.” After a couple of other small roles in “Good Doctor” and “The Suspicious Housemaid” in , he made his breakthrough in the popular television drama.

Nam Joo-hyuk adalah model dan aktor korea selatan. Debut tersebut ia lakukan di bawah agensi YG K-Plus. Ketertarikan Joo-hyuk di bidang model dimulai ketika ia duduk di bangku kelas 3 sekolah menengah pertama. Saat itu, ia menganggap pekerjaan model sebagai pekerjaan yang keren, sehingga ia bertekad untuk menantang dirinya sendiri untuk menjadi model. Keinginannya menjadi model juga disebabkan oleh ketidak sukaannya untuk belajar dalam bidang pendidikan.

Hal tersebut yang menjadi alasan Joo-hyuk tidak melanjutkan studinya ke universitas setelah lulus sekolah menengah akhir. Keputusannya untuk menjadi model awalnya mendapat tentangan dari orang tuanya terlebih ibunya. Ibunya berpikir bahwa pekerjaan sebagai model bukanlah pekerjaan dengan gaji yang besar, karena bergantung pada kesuksesan masing-masing model itu sendiri. Tentangan itu semakin diperkuat terlebih karena Joo-hyuk merupakan anak tunggal dalam keluarganya. Mereka pun akhirnya, melarang Joo-hyuk untuk mengikuti audisi sekolah model.

Tetapi, akhirnya tanpa sepengetahuan orangtuanya, Joo-hyuk nekat untuk mengikuti audisi dan berhasil lolos. Awalnya, Joo-hyuk sama sekali tidak masuk dalam kriteria model karena tinggi badannya yang pendek pada usia 12 tahun. Namun, berkat hobinya bermain basket tingginya bertambah hingga 30 cm saat ia berusia 16 tahun dan kini tingginya ialah cm. Selain bermain basket, Joo-hyuk juga suka mendengarkan musik dengan musisi favoritnya ialah Busker-busker.

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