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Basically we got our asses handed to us You fail to Assume that infamy is everything, let me tell you its not, My average infamy is which means i have more skill level even tho i m fighting at 2. SO, circumstances make a player lose infamy. Try doing a 1vs1 with a 11K HP mk6 defender with infamy less than yours.. Assuming skills based on infamy unless the difference is Huge. Babablacksheep you’ve done a lot of assuming and extrapolating from my response. My response was simply refuting the claim by Ash that your opposition in that posted game had higher infamy than your team. That claim was totally incorrect. As far as what you have added to the conversation I believe you meant to say “you fail when assuming that infamy is everything” Otherwise your statement is contradictory.

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This has a cost, this tank has pratically no armor. Don’t expect to bounce shots, because your armor is made out of paper. Try to avoid 1 on 1 duels with other medium or better armored light tanks, because you are likely to die very fast. Use your speed to your advantage to circle enemies to get their weaker sides and rears.

Feb 02,  · Out of my tanks i would accept normal matchmaking for FCM 50t and +1 matchmaking for T2 light, Ram II. IS-6 with better pen would be fine for normal matchmaking. AT15a is .

I have no idea where to start. Umm, first off this may have a age requirement for 13 and up but u need to be at least over 16 or 17 to play this cause the amount of profanity being said in the ingame chat is unbareable. Ok so u get either of these tanks and plus a week of prem time and on top of since ur a new player to World of Tanks, Wargaming has made it to where u get 15 or more days of FREE prem time hence the free to play.

But its pay to win. Now if ur like me and u get mad at ur teams and end up sells ur high tier tanks for low ones and u dont have any credits for any high tiers then ur screwed if u dont hav at least a tier 8 prem. And last thing as an experienceed player with over 10k battles under his belt do not expect a whole alot from ur teams.

Tier 1 to tier 4 r seal clubbers who take advantage of new players and just as their name says “seal clubbers” is the same as a poacher killing a baby seal just for the sport of it. Now the mid tiers r kinds alright tier 5 to tier 7 u wont run into as much ppl spamming gold at u as much as the high tiers and low tiers. Now tier 8 to tier 10 and probably even above tier 10, u will come to face those seal clubbers once again but this time they will be in thier clan wars prem tier 10 tanks also spamming gold.

So all in all if ur new to this game i wouldn’t recomend u play it.

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Halo Director Explains What Went Wrong With The Master Chief Collection Halo Master Chief Collection has experienced some difficulties, to say the least, but a recent update of the collection from Halo’s franchise director Frank O’Connor attempted to explain what went wrong with the product and how they hoped to fix it.

We are releasing v0. Below are the full patch notes with our latest updates. Players can find it in the settings. Louis – increase main battery fire range from 8. We are pleased to announce that update 0. Cast your eyes over our patch notes to see what is new! Although still fragile, their fast firing guns and torpedoes allow them to really shine with massive damage dealing potential – At tiers VII-X, German cruisers always have more hit points over other cruisers.

German cruisers have a unique armor layout that keeps their citadels well protected. Players vie for control on three separate control points. This is definitely not a map for beginners.

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How do I use my money efficiently? This is something we struggle with in real life. With an economy, in-game or not, comes funds and with funds comes fiscal manipulation. Many people will have gold and silver credits, many more will only have silver credits. One is representative of our purchases and the other of our time and effort. Gold can be used for a number of things in World of Tanks — some of them more useful than others.

This page contains the complete live stream tank request list for the WoT Guru live stream hosted by Cody Menz on Youtube Gaming.

It is important to attempt to identify neighboring businesses as well as common areas. Owner Once the physical locations have been identified, it is useful to identify the actual property owner s. This can either be an individual, group, or corporation. If the target corporation does not own the property then they may be limited in what they can physically do to enhance or improve the physical location. The information recorded and level of transparency varies greatly by jurisdiction.

Land and tax records within the United States are typically handled at the county level. To start, if you know the city or zipcode in which your target resides, use a site such as http: If it does not exist, you can still call the county recording office and request that they fax you specific records if you have an idea of what you are looking for.

For some assessments, it might make sense to go a step further and query the local building department for additional information.

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Most of you should know a little about the T37 by WoT. Now to discuss the T Equipment Review Board both decided the M24 wasn’t fit.

The Paint Can is a tool that allows players to change the coloring of most cosmetic items. Paint Cans are available in 29 different colors, and can either be purchased from the Mann Co. Store, found via the item drop system, obtained by opening Mann Co. Supply Crates, using a Mann Co. Painting Set, or acquired through the Trading system.

This tank is better, than its predecessor, in any respect: The playing style remains the same, but removing the flaws of the ST-I will allows you to remain in battle for longer than in the case of the ST-I. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew. Unfortunately, there are several important differences between the two. Also the driver’s hatch turned much harder and repels shots more often.

The glacis plate is very resistant to fire and, just like in the case of the ST-I, only cannons of the penetration value of mm, or higher, are capable of penetrating it on a regular basis. The sides of the tank became more resistant than in the predecessor. The mm thick armor, after it is angled, is capable of repelling many shells, which is why, while attacking the IS-4 from the side, you should aim right below the skirt over the tracks, so that you can hit the lower-side part of the hull.

With cannons of larger penetration, you can easily aim at the upper side of the hull – most of the shots should deal damage. The turret is, virtually, indestructible.


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The T2 Light is a USA Tier 2 of the Light tank variety, making it a remarkably nimble vehicle. Unfortunately, It also has decent matchmaking, meaning you’re not going to see any Tier 10 battles. The IS-6 is just a well-rounded and enjoyable Premium tank to play.

Language Option – Turkish! Badges will be given out this patch to Latvian, Polish, and Turkish translators – Some languages are not fully up-to-date. We are very close to finalizing our improved workflow for updating languages. Stay tuned for an announcement Game Fixes Melee Targeting – Fixed a bug where melee units wouldn’t always target the units that aggroed them first if all targets had been attacking them for longer than 10 seconds most noticeable on boss waves Gameplay Stability – Fixed a bug where units were able to kill allies via buffs that applied max-health damage aka Vampire.

This fixes a rare case where a player who leaked a wave wouldn’t be considered as having leaked that wave. This happened if your last unit was killed by the damage from Vampire. This caused some unintended behavior, like leaks being caught in a ‘warp loop’ because the game thought your fighters were still in combat. Client Stability – Loading Screen: King – Fixed a bug where the King would sometimes be slow to attack the first target, especially on ranged waves King has been stretching every morning and is now more nimble Tier 1.

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September 11, at 7: Tier4 Lights need to have Battle Tier range, same as normal T5 tanks. And need to be rebalanced for it. T needs complete rebalance for BT it has. Should not have MM changed like A but instead buffed.

Aug 27,  · World of Tanks T2 Light Tank is tier II American light tank and game by MAX_A1M2. No wonder that he (or she) get Ace Tanker for this game. .

Whenever the churchill and the few other tanks im workin on are dead in a field or im frustrted by a series of ass whoopins, my little t2 is there for me. Since its just a tier 2 tank the matches are mostly people still gettin their feet wet so its like turnin on god mode as my little ferrari zips around like a lightning bolt.

Trashing on noobs with ease.. Just wondering if anyone else had tried it and if they like it. It has a good burst cannon. Wait until some sort of a front forms and dash behind it and come out the other side while using the auto aim to blind fire.

World of Tanks: Tank Request Series: T2 Light (PICK YOUR NEXT TANK!!!)

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